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Caribbean rock star: where to buy in St Lucia

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It is rare that you travel to a country and find that your family used to own it



Acquisition of double nationality in Peru

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"According to the peruvian law, for the acquisition of double nationality, a request to the Ministry of Interior must be submitted together with a few other documents." (page 9)


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Seven countries where you can become a citizen or resident

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The following countries have made the process particularly easy and some even offer full citizenship more

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St Kitts and Nevis: Caribbean rivals target high-end home buyers

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The two Caribbean islands are both focusing on the elite market with a series of prime housing projects more

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The countries offering passports to lure property investors

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The incentive for investment differs among nationalities


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The Caribbean island of Nevis has rich history and charming hotels

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A peaceful island, not overrun with people or certainly cruise ship excursions, that has a lot of local character